How Holistic Therapies can help you meet your New Years resolutions!

Reflexology is used to re-balance the body. This re-balancing can reduce cravings for food, alcohol and nicotine (to name a few).

Massage improves circulation, muscle tone and encourages weight-loss. It reduces toxic build-up and tension. Used to aid in successful weight-loss, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake. Thai massage techniques really help to improve strength and flexibility in the joints, they are especially useful in trying to increase fitness levels.

The herbs found in Thai Herbal Compresses aid the body with its natural healing processes.

Holistic Facials are used to balance the skins oil levels, removing toxins from the largest organ of the body.

Indian Head massage relieves tension that has built up in the head. It can help with cravings and realign the brainwaves, giving you clearer thoughts and a better grasp on ideas.

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